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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finally getting some projects done.

Big sigh .... I'm finally getting around to some of the little projects I have been meaning to do for some time now. Its such a great feeling to accomplish something and I really needed to clean my craft room of some clutter so I can start my Christmas projects. 

So here are some really quick projects that I did. It took me about a hour to do all 3. 

Project #1
I have so many ideas that I had clipped out of old magazines. I also had so many old stamping up catalogs that I sat for a while and picked out some of my favorite cards and cut them out. I pasted them on index cards and made tabs for each category out of my small circle punch. 
Here is a pic of some of the tabs I made. I also wrote some quotes that I came across on the index cards (I always have a hard time coming up with things to write in my cards)
The finished project the total cost was $3 (index cards .50, box $1 and i figured I used about $1.50 of my materials from home. 

Project #2 
This was not on my plans to do today, but my daughter asked me this morning when her birthday was so we went to the calendar and counted .(But all mothers know that's not the end of the asking) so I thought to save me from hearing the questions a billions times I would make a count down to her birthday. And hey its going to be motivating to me to. 
It was so easy and I think its cute she is going to be surprised when she gets home from school today.
I used some stampin up card stock, Martha Stewart chalkboard labels, cupcake sizzix die and I glued the paper on a piece of thick cardboard added a ribbon and there you have it. I know what you are all saying 57 days really we need to start counting, that's my daughter she is just like her mommy. FYI my birthday is in 41 days. 

Project #3

I saw this project on pinterest so I pinned it and went on like everyone does. Then a few weeks ago I went back and looked at it and I instantly knew I had to do this. You can find this project on www.witandwhistle.com Amanda did a amazing job but here is my version of her Calendar Journal 

A calendar journal includes a card for each day of the year. Everyday you write down the year and one thing you did that day. I cheated and instead of writing the day and year I stamp it. But you can do whatever you want. I still have to finish it since I stopped at March. But I got till December to finish it so I'm all good. Lets just hope that I stay up with this cause I think that its a awesome idea.

I hope that you all enjoy my projects and get inspired to finish some of your own.
Oh and if you find time don't forget to check Amanda's website out she has some awesome ideas.

See you soon. 

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  1. Your calendar journal looks great! I've been using mine for almost 2 years now, and I still love it. :)