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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas is coming, are you ready?

Ugh my title tells it all.... yup Christmas is coming there is only 75 days left. EEK!!!!!!! If you are like me you are thinking about what to buy the kids and family oh and lets not forget our husbands (mine is by far the hardest person in the world to buy for). You got Christmas cards, cookies to bake, parties to plan and you might be shopping already (if  you are a early bird like me) and with all this comes the never ending receipts and list galore and you try everything in you to keep it all organized by shoving it in your purse or any where you can to keep the kids from not seeing it. I was so done with being unorganized for Christmas every year so I saw a pin on pinterest and someone made a Christmas planner and I thought Genus why haven't I thought of that....
So here is my Christmas 2012 Planner
This is a small 5x8 3 ring binder that I found at the Dollar store (I ended up buying like 5 more just cause I loved the size) Cut a piece of scrapbook paper and slide it into the clear pocket on the front. Printed out the words using publisher (my best friend).

I have 6 dividers Calendar, Gifts, Brooke (my daughter), Holiday Traditions, Baking and Shopping. I also added 2 clear pockets in the back for coupons and receipts.

Here is what I made to go in the gift section. I image searched google for planner page ideas and I found one and I took a little from it and added my own. I used my good old friend Publisher. I wanted to make sure that I had a spot to put the size clothes that they might be wearing its always so hard to remember your extended families sizes.

Here is my daughters section I put her Christmas list and also the gift log of what I have bought for her already.

These are the pockets I was talking about earlier. I bought them at staples for .99 each and they were a perfect size. So before you head to the store make sure you put your coupons in the pocket.

One of my favorite sections is the holiday traditions, I have a sheet that I made on publisher with 4 different sections 1. Movies (put your families favorites so you can watch them through the season) 2. Books (everyone has a favorite Christmas story and this way if your child read one a school but you don't have it at home you can jot it down here and head to your local library) 3. Music and 4. Wish List (here is where I will put our wishes of things to do as a family this season- caroling, lights on the lake, movie night, etc).

I made one for my mom also (I like hers better than the one I made for me) instead of buying dividers I made my own from card stock added some stickers and made a tab from my small circle punch. I gave her almost all the same dividers accept added a section for each grandchild and a pocket so she can put the receipt for that grandchild in the pocket.

So get your girl friends or sisters together and make your own version. I had so much fun with it and I hope you do it.

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